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12 Tips to pass the NCE

Test taking can be an intimidating endeavor. Here are 12 tips and tricks for passing the National Counselor Exam.

1. Eat well the night before, and try to get as much sleep that night as possible. Get up in time for a light breakfast without having to rush around. Get to the exam site at least 15 minutes early for good measure.

2. As soon as you get to your computer station: Draw the bell curve and scores that relate to it (z-scores, t-scores, SD, etc.) Write down information you might forget

3. The exam is 200 questions long and you have 4 hours to complete it. Pace yourself. You may want to be sure that at the halfway mark (2 hrs.) you are at least halfway through the exam.

4. Answer all the questions. Questions left unanswered are counted wrong, so guessing is better than not answering.

5. Your first answer is probably right.

6. When a question asks for the “best” answer, there is likely more than one correct choice, so be sure to read all answers before you choose one!

7. If you know that more than one of the choices is probably correct, consider choosing “all of the above”

8. The choice has a reasonable probability of being right if it contains “sometimes”, “probably” or “some”.

A dog studying for the NCE

9. If two choices are similar, the correct answer is probably neither!

10. If you have eliminated one or more choices and are stuck: If two choices sound alike, choose neither. If two quantities are very close, choose one of them. If 2 numbers differ only by a decimal point, choose one of them If 2 choices look alike &are formulas or shapes, choose 1 of them

11. Don’t beat yourself up if you feel you have bombed out; many people think this and find they actually passed with flying colors!

12. Remember it is not the end of the world if you do not pass this time around. If this is the case, you are better prepared for the next time, and you are in good company. It is a very hard test.

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Remember that you can take the test up to three times, so relax. Even if you don't pass on your third attempt you simply have to show the board that you've taken some type of prep course to reregister. So you literally can't fail! So don't stress, take your time, and spend some time studying with the NCE Study App.


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